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    I understand the benefits of student interactive activities to get points across. But from the streamed video perspective this session was very difficult to get through. Most of the time was spent with multiple students talking at the same time or speaking off camera w/o a microphone making it very difficult to hear. I found myself straining to try to make out what was being said and getting frustrated with that.

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    Kevin, we are currently in the process of re-filming (what I consider to be) the most important sections of the course for-video – these are going to be principles, design, patterns (our goal is to move permaculture out of the garden into every single other aspect of our lives). That should dramatically improve the quality of the course.

    We basically made the decision to release far more content, regardless of quality, rather than do fine-editing and releasing a very small amount. We’re well aware that some sections are harder to understand than others, but we believe those sections to still have tremendous value, so we put them out into the wild. At the same time, as the course grows and we’re getting a steady revenue stream, we’re making major upgrades to the course over the upcoming months.

    If you want to see those upgrades get done sooner rather than later, purchase the DVDs and certifications and thus help fund the work.

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