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Learn what everyone from sustainability experts to
ordinary citizens should know about the power of permaculture design.

“The instructors here are top notch. They brought together a wide variety of ideas dealing with not only the treatment of the land and the design of farms, but with the treatment of people and the planet.”
~Brett M., Permaculture Designer

Discover the amazing power of permaculture to change your life and improve the planet with this information-packed 95-page guide.  It will show you how the principles of permaculture can be used throughout your life and in human societies as a whole. It also shows that rather, as some people sometimes think, espousing a “primitive” or diminished mode of living, permaculture works in tandem with the incredible technologies and ideas humans have developed in order to improve the life of everyone.

VegetablesPermaculture Fundamentals eBook is about giving you the ability to work in harmony with nature to create an environment that is better for you, your loved ones and the planet. In this 95-page guide you’ll discover how permaculture can help ensure healthy food production for humans and inspire more peace and prosperity in our society. There are also details of permaculture methods used to create sustainable design, and examples of how the principles of permaculture can be applied to daily life, as well as some of the latest ideas within permaculture technology.

For a very limited period of time we are offering the Permaculture Fundamentals eBook, which normally costs $25, for only $2, a price that just covers the production costs of the eBook. We want to make the amazing power of permaculture available to as many people as possible, so are releasing a limited number of copies at this bargain price.

We can’t keep the eBook at this low price forever, so if you’re interested in saving 92% off the normal retail price click the button below to get you copy of the Permaculture Design Fundamentals Guide today.

Sorry this offer is no longer available. Go beyond the ordinary and discover the truth about what permaculture can do for you and the Earth.  compostThis easy-to-read guide gives a practical introduction to permaculture principles, and shows you how those principles can be translated into practical methods of creating sustainable, regenerative ecosystems, all the while saving you time, energy and money.

It offers practical steps to show how permaculture can be integrated into many areas of your life, and how these steps will enhance your wellbeing, your enjoyment of cultivating your garden, and your bonds with your local community. It goes beyond the fads and crazes to give you the lowdown on what permaculture is really able to achieve.

So how do you know if this Guide is for you?  You might have heard someone mention permaculture in conversation, or seen something about it on the news that piqued your interest. Well, this eBook is the perfect foundation for learning more and discovering practical ways make permaculture a part of your life today!

Often, resources about permaculture present little more than a highbrow overview of gardening. But permaculture is much more than that.

It is more than just sustainable gardening or natural food production (although it does incorporate elements of both, and the Guide will give you some practical tips in those areas that you may not have heard about before).

Because permaculture has much more scope than those terms imply. In fact, it can be applied to anywhere that humans exist, build or impact upon environments and ecosystems. The principles of permaculture can impact upon everything from the way housing is built to how businesses can reduce their environmental impact.

“It’s a great resource, giving me clarity and depth in my understanding of Permaculture. A well organized approach to sharing”
~Mona P.

“It is simple and easy to understand. Most permaculture books I get at the library are hard to get a grasp of so I just return them.”
~Colleen G.

Here’s an example of how permaculture can help you and the planet to survive and thrive.  Water tanksYou could cut your household water bills in half AND increase the yield from your garden many times over, all by simply switching to a composting toilet and using plants to filter the greywater from your bathroom for reuse on your garden.

You save yourself money and preserve a lot more water, which is becoming a scarcer resource on the planet. This shows how permaculture offers practical ways to benefit you and your family at the same time as helping the Earth.

You also gain a skill that could prove very useful in your future. Imagine knowing how to safely filter water using simple, natural techniques. Or knowing which weeds you can allow to flourish because of the benefits they will bring to your food crops growing nearby.

And think how good it will feel to understand how to create a 100% energy efficient home, using simple techniques, backyard ingredients, and your bare hands.

You’ll also discover how you can use what other people tend to see as waste to create energy, improve your garden and produce food for you and your family.

And this can all be achieved without exposing your loved ones to the toxic chemicals and harmful compounds that are in so much of our food and the products we are sold chemicals that may be linked to disease and early death.

Permaculture gives everyone the ability to take simple steps to create a world you are proud to hand over to the next generation.

Native peoples and indigenous societies have been using the ideas found in permaculture for centuries in order to eliminate waste, preserve their cultivation abilities, and build stronger social communities.

Isn’t it your time to learn how?

The information in this Guide will show you new ways to integrate permaculture into your daily life and reaps the benefits of doing so. You’ll discover just what is possible with permaculture, how you can adopt it into your way of life, and many techniques that will benefit you, your community, and nature.

Sorry this offer is no longer available.

Permaculture transforms how we see resources, by showing how you can pull the greatest possible value from resources, even if they are in limited supply.  riverPermaculture is rightly being heralded as the most powerful paradigm shift in how we can create unprecedented levels of sustainability in your life, your community, your business, your city, and even in your relationships.

Because at its roots, permaculture is about maximizing what you yield in every area of your life but without negatively impacting upon the existence of other people or on nature.

“I cannot speak highly enough of the instructors. Every single one of them was not only an expert in their field, but also wildly enthusiastic about their work and incredibly skilled at sharing their knowledge and passion with others. I feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from such amazing people.”
~Sonya S., Permaculture Designer

Here’s a just a taste of what you’ll discover when you dig into your Permaculture Design Fundamentals Guide eBook…

  • How to Catch, Capture, Clean and Consume Greywater.  You’ll discover the easiest way to reduce your household’s water consumption by 50% or more, how two natural water-recycling techniques can provide your family with two-thirds of their annual water needs.  Plus, you’ll learn how to harvest rainwater, and how to filter your greywater using plants and use it to transform the power of your soil.
  • Compost PileThe NEW Benefits of Composting.  Discover how compost can be used to control plant disease, prevent soil erosion, filter rainwater, and even generate heat and electricity.  You’ll learn the truth about composting toilets, and the 6 simple rules for creating the best ever garden compost and how to use it on the garden for maximum benefit and abundant crops.
  • The Best Way to Build a Safe, Energy-Efficient Earth Structure on a Tight Budget.  You’ll discover what the Cob Walls of Devonshire can teach us about building natural structures that stand the test of time, and how we can harness advances in technology to capture renewable energy, and stop wasting precious resources. There are practical tips on creating natural bricks with just 4 easily sourced ingredients, and information on the number one sustainable building method which requires no baking, no bricks, no formwork or structural molds.   Plus, you’ll find out which natural material can increase the longevity of sustainable buildings.
  • Why Companion Planting and Stacking Can Cut Your Work in Half.  Find out why you should stop planting in rows, how to identify the best planting system for your site, the number one rule for increasing your yield and your plants’ natural resilience, and how to get your fruit trees to yield more, faster.  You’ll also learn how to decrease your need for compost with a “scratch and peck” gift from nature, and how to plan pest-resistance into your garden design. And how ponds can not only filter rainwater but also increase your yield by hosting an aquaponics system.
  • EcologyThe Benefit of Sparing Your Weeds (Your New Favorite Chapter).  You’ll discover which funny tasting weed can instantly draw aphids away from your crops, and how you can repair damaged ecosystems by utilizing one of nature’s most proven methods. You learn about benefits of weeds you might not have considered before (such as what they add to your medicine cabinet) and discover which vigorous weed can, if left to run wild, can feed your livestock and give you an early season salad.  You’ll also discover which weeds can restore the soil’s nitrogen levels, which ones attract pollinators, and which ones repel harmful pests, and which weeds can bring more nutrients up from deep in the soil so all your plants benefit.
  • Urban Agriculture. Our Next Greatest Good?  Learn what Seattle and San Francisco can teach us about growing 385 million pounds of food a year in a city all without heavy machinery, plowing or low-wage labor. Discover how evapotranspiration can reduce the Urban Heat Island effect and so reduce air conditioning bills. Plus, you find out how one impoverished country transformed itself from a food desert to a country able to grow 50% of the nation’s food requirements, all within a few short years and without any artificial pesticides.And you’ll learn all about Sky High Farming, a concept that can reduce the amount of land needed to grow produce by as much as 97%.
  • EnvironmentThe Truth About Appropriate Technology and Renewable Energy.  Discover the five key benefits of starting small and building from your successes. And learn about “uman powered power which is revolutionizing renewable energy and can improve you health.Plus, you’ll learn how one industry is tapping into the power of “stacking” technology to generate more renewable electricity than it uses.
  • The Best Way to Leverage Renewable Resources.  You’ll discover the one crucial step the human race can take today to save the planet.  And you’ll find the tools you already have produce abundance without harming nature.
  • How to Produce No Waste.  You’ll discover the three best natural “waste” fertilizers to increase your crop yields, and which natural gas is 20 times worse for the atmosphere than carbon dioxide and how to reduce emissions of it.  Plus, you’ll learn about techniques to help triple the amount of material you can recycle, while at the same time reducing the waste you create.
  • photodune-4821539-chickens-sWhy 1 Little Snail has Become the Poster Child for Sustainable Living.  You’ll see how taking inspiration from the patterns found in nature can help your permaculture design, and read about how one architecture student used biomimicry to achieve a supposedly impossible self-regulating building.  You’ll learn how the structure of a snail shell might hold the key to reducing energy waste, and why understanding patterns in nature is a crucial step in the holistic approach of permaculture.
  • Principles of Prosperity in Nature.  Learn what the branching pattern of trees can teach you about storing energy, and how designing catch-and-store systems of energy capture in harmony with nature can reduce your workload, give you a surplus for use when times get tougher, and improve your harvest.  Plus, you’ll learn why it’s vital to always grow more than you need and share the surplus to meet the needs of all.
  • How to Mirror and Mimic Nature’s Self-Regulation and Feedback.  Discover techniques that quickly and easily restore balance to ecosystems, by choosing activities and behaviors that naturally and logically mesh with the natural environment.
  • How to Stop Segregating and Successfully Integrate.  You’ll discover how pairing and grouping plants can increase biodiversity, build ecosystem resilience and increase yields. You’ll learn about predator-prey relationships, how they create self-sustaining systems, and how they impact upon your plot.  You’ll see how a deep understanding of the interrelation of parts of an ecosystem can help craft sustainable designs, and learn the four rules that will help you create a regenerative food source.
  • Why Small and Slow is Better (and When to Go Big).  Discover the key to creating a life-long sustainable ecosystem that is efficient and productive.  Learn about the three cultural toxins that are poisoning our ability to live off the land, and how applying the principles of sustainability and conservation can increase your standard of living and provide a greater net benefit to all.
  • goatWhy Use + Value = Diversity.  Learn how to use the unique nature of your environment to reduce vulnerability and threats to it, and why genetically modifying crops for uniform yields could lead to our extinction.  Discover which hotly debated idea could lead to enough food being produced to feed every hungry child in the world, and learn the primary lesson we must embrace to sustain life in even the most challenging climate conditions.
  • How to Value the Marginal, and Live on the Edge.  Learn why the areas where two or more ecosystems meet are among the most productive in any ecosystem, why you need to incorporate them into your permaculture designs, and how they can provide practical uses.  Discover what the meeting of wind and metal can teach us about maximizing abundance, and unearth the main things to avoid around edges if you want to secure lifelong sustainability.
  • Why It’s Imperative to Creatively Use and Respond to Change.  You’ll learn about the two steps you must take to ensure you have a positive impact upon nature, and why “I will because I can” thinking is unhelpful.  Discover why responding with positive creativity must only happen after conducting critical observation, and how what you plant can prevent the collapse of an entire ecosystem.
  • Greenhouse worker watering plantsThe Critical Equations to Increase Your Yield with Zones & Sectors.  Here you’ll find out the perfect placements for plants so that every one gets what it needs to thrive. You’ll also discover the most important factor you need to consider before planting a permaculture garden, which will save you time, energy and stress. You’ll learn about the ideal number of zones for different environments from urban and suburban to rural and off the grid locations.You’ll also learn about which types of windbreaks can best protect your fragile crops.  Plus, you’ll get instant access to a FREE tool that can help you best place your plants for optimal sun exposure.
  • Why Green Business is Vital to Permaculture.  You’ll discover that far from being anti-business or promoting a back to the land philosophy, permaculturists are actually the “new wave” of business people. You’ll see why smart businesses are taking on the tenets of sustainability and regeneration, rebranding themselves and making a contribution.  And you’ll learn how a little outside-the-box thinking can produce incredible results, like stopping injustice and feeding the world’s hungry, and create lasting change that can empower communities across the world.
  • The Rules to Becoming a Green City.  You’ll discover how to avoid the selfish aspects of living “off the grid” and why empowering yourself is the first step to making your city greener.  Plus, you’ll learn the ten principles to start pushing now if you want your city to be eco-friendly.
  • Making it Matter Where it Means the Most — Social Permaculture.  Discover the proven 8-step system to negotiate without resorting to conflict or violence, and uncover why it’s vital to become a practitioner of non-judgmental awareness. You’ll learn how rust, honest communication and authentic collaboration are the keys to crafting the kind of community you want to live in.

permaculture fundamentals ebookWith all this knowledge, you’ll be able to do anything you want in permaculture. By starting with the fundamentals and then putting them into practice, there’s no limit to what you can achieve and you can start today.

You will be able to solve your problems, or the problems your loved ones face.

“I came away with a way of perceiving our earth and a set of principles and practical tools for addressing the corporate profit-based mindset that has created our dependence on petrochemicals.”
~Gene M., Permaculture Designer Program Graduate

Just imagine what you can create with your own two hands. . .

  • You can engineer a system to harvest rainwater on your property or in your community.
  • You can create a sustainable oasis to feed your family, or your community, while improving the land rather than depleting it by using “waste” practically.
  • You can banish aphids from your prized vegetables.
  • You can create a self-sustaining ecosystem that yields plants, fish and water.

Your possibilities for flourishing now, and surviving should you ever need to, are endless. With over 100,000 enrolled students, the Regenerative Leadership Institute has a proven track record in instructing people on how to put permaculture into daily practice.

ratedaplussmalltransparentBecause with over 100,000 enrolled students, the Regenerative Leadership Institute has already proven it knows how to instruct you on the right ways to put permaculture into daily practice.

And we believe that the more knowledge we share, the greater our ability as a species to increase our quality of life and grow the tenets of sustainability and harmony with nature.

What may be less obvious is this…  Permaculture will have a positive impact in all areas of your life.

Yet no matter how powerful these words are, the incredible potential of permaculture to benefit ourselves and the planet can be realized without one critical component: YOU.

Right now you can take advantage of an exclusive offer to learn how permaculture can transform your life.

This Guide normally retails at $25, but to help spread the word about permaculture to as many people as possible, we’ve temporarily dropped the price to just $2. It won’t stay that low for long, so in order to save 92% on the normal price, click the button below and claim your copy of the Permaculture Design Fundamentals Guide today.

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“I think your marketing is effective and I certainly want to know more and get more involved. Its just that at this time I’m extremely busy (we are moving to another state) and I haven’t had time to really go through the materials. But they are compelling and I look forward to using permaculture as much as possible once we are settled.”

Just wanted to give a quick shout of appreciation for the updated e-book. This improved version seems (at a quick glance; I’ve only just downloaded it and have yet to read the new version in depth yet) like it improves
everything I argued about in the previous survey. Glad to see it. I appreciate it. Keep up the good work!

“Direct, to the point, and very affordable!”

Thank you for your update re the Permaculture e-book. I really appreciate all your efforts.

“Spot on. Spot on convinced me that I needed the guide.”

I have just skimmed over the Permaculture Design Fundamentals book I have received. The book very clearly outlines all the components that pave the way to a great permaculture installation! I can hardly wait to begin the design for our developing farm and I really appreciate the great gift of this book! Thank you so much!

“I’m really just getting started with all of this material including the e-book so it is rather soon to take this survey. However, I like what I have read so far. I was very excited and happy to see a free permaculture course and a $2 e-book offered on line. I don’t have the funds to travel (plus I love my South Florida home). The fact that quality permaculture training is available online has inspired me to propose a permaculture project at the Boca Raton Community Garden. (I’m on the Friends of the BRCG board.) Response has been good in these first few days. I’m sure other will register for the training.”

From what I’ve read so far I find myself both enlightened and impressed. I like the idea of KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid), and the ideas similar to xeriscaping. I cant wait to read the rest. Thank you!

“Very well done! Material is really good. I still believe that, especially for me, hands on projects are key to achieving a full understanding.”

I have been wanting to give you feedback for quite a while, but have not been able to do so due to other commitments. I have read your e-book on permaculture from the Regenerative Leadership Institute and think it to be a great book. I agree with most of the material. You have been very kind to offer me your course.

“I’m currently reading the ebook and am finding it informative and well-written.”

Thanks, again! This book is profound and beautifully written.


Thank you, Thank you for all the helpful information you have offered. This is something everyone can benefit from. Keep up the good work. Permaculture is the future. It is the direction everyone wants (simple, effective, using all resources: no waste). It is just not yet understood that everyone can do something to go toward sustainability. Recycling/composting is the very, very tip of the iceberg.

I have been studying permaculture in practice and through books, videos and online for a few years. It is amazing how a “gardener” like myself could go from double digging with organic fertilizer and compost to a much simplier
and better way. In the years since we have started to much/chop and drop and no digging, our gardens have thrived. We no longer use any organic processed fertilizer, the soil is fluffy, dark brown, smells like compost
all the time. Generally we just use a hand tool or our hands to plant new seedlings. Also we allow chard/kale/parsley/flowers/lettuce/tomatoes to reseed. We have a growing living eco system all of the time.

“Haven’t had a good read as yet, but it looks fantastic at first look through.”

I’ve looked through it and watched the DVD as well. Lots of great concepts – some of which I’ll try to apply to my small urban lot. Thanks for the download.

“The instruction is easy to understand and follow. It is a good introduction to permaculture.”

“Very clear and comprehensive. I am motivated and confident after reading the ebook.”

“Meets expectations and is clear, comprehensive, concise.”

“The explanations are simple and easily understandable, which encourages to read it through to the end in a very short time. Instructions are very clear and I am awaiting to get back home to put those into practice. It exceeded my expectations.”

“I am inspired by practical suggestions and details of implementation, more than by sermons on philosophy. At least the materials I’ve sampled so far tend too much toward the latter. My current finances limit me to the freebies and deeply discounted offers like this one, however, so I’m willing to be patient with the approach you choose to take in the interest of gradually learning more.”

“I purchased the downloadable permaculture book. It was excellent and very nicely laid out. The marketing material was very informative. It was quick and with very little effort. At some point when I have the available funds I would like to take the permaculture certificate course, but for now, thank you.”

“A very well studied program.”

“Very information, not pushy.”

“I would have liked a little more nuts-and-bolts with regard to landscape design, and more site visits (that actually show the site, not just the person at the site). Overall I learned a lot, though, and am very glad I went through it.”

“I have been pleased with everything that I have received. I would love to take advantage if the sale on the permaculture course but the finances are not there right now even with the discount. I am watching the videos and picked up the e-book. Both have been very informative and cost me very little. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to access this information for free.”

“Thanks, again! This book is profound and beautifully written.”

“Provided a good overview on permaculture.”

Dear Regenerative Leadership Institute, I received the book on line last night about permaculture that I paid for a few days back. I got all fouled up doing what needed to be done to get it after I paid for it. You came across very responsively to get me the book online PDF. Thank you so much for your diligence. Much appreciated. I will read it and work at incorporating the material in my landscape work. Thank you again. Joe

Sorry this offer is no longer available.

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